New Video: Zaydok @thegodhopmc Don’t Do It ft @LindsayNiccs

Zaydok (the God Hop MC) – Don’t Do It ft Lindsey Niccs (official music video)

This is a single fo the new album from Hog Mob ministries “GHETTO GOSPEL”

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In this latest release from the “Pray 4 My Hood : Ghetto Gospel” project, Zaydok the Godhop MC addresses the serious weight of abortion on our communities. Featuring Lindsay Niccs, this is a call to action for families that deal with this reality to stay strong and raise the babies you create. The Church must continue to pray and preach God’s Truth.

If you are blessed or convicted by this video and its message and desire to turn from sin, walk with Christ and serve Him as Lord… we encourage you to pray right now for God to guide you and forgive your sins. we also would like to send you weekly bible study materials… please go to and register to receive weekly studies from us. simply leave your email and we will send you studies every week.


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