In January of 2008, the need for several deejays arose to be serviced music from various genres of Christian music, most notably songs that did not fit the Contemporary Christian Music or Gospel formats. A group of people decided to build a network of Christian deejays and music directors to brain storm as to how this could be changed. Since most artists that might fall under categories like Christian Hip Hop or Gospel Rap were independent with no marketing or distribution, this new group of people decided to reach out to the artists directly to see how they could bridge the gap and help to promote quality music. With in a few months, the network grew to over 300 people, and they started to organize conference calls, meetings and a brotherhood. By the Summer of of 2008 they gave themselves a name and a logo and started flying under the banner of One Accord DJ Alliance, creating awareness among the mainstream Christian market. The sole purpose of the creation of OADA was to create dialog, share ideas, and encourage each member in the faith. The intent was never to create a record pool, but to create a lane for the free flowing of information and content to the deejays.


One Accord DJ Alliance

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