Happy 15th Anniversary OADA!!

One Accord DJ Alliance 15th Anniversary

There was a time when Christian and Gospel DJs got together to open up a can of worms and share some ideas on how the community can be more efficient at getting music and sharing it to the world.  Within one year of getting their minds and hearts in one accord, the process got better and a big conference was born. It hasn’t been perfect, but it was the spark that was needed to make changes in the industry.

Christian/Gospel DJ Conference in Queens, NY (2009).

In January of 2008, the need for several deejays arose to be serviced music from various genres of Christian music, most notably songs that did not fit the Contemporary Christian Music or Gospel Music formats. A group of people decided to build a network of Christian deejays and music directors to brain storm as to how this could be changed. (read more…)

DJ Madam Boo and DJ Will from Jacksonville.


One Accord DJ Alliance

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