RIH DJ ReadyWrita, aka, Dave Felder

DJ ReadyWrita, aka, Dave Felder

We lost a fellow DJ this week. David Felder, aka, ReadyWrita was a Buffalo native and Atlanta-based producer, musician, singer, songwriter, etc. Facebook and other social media posts have been going out by friends and family this week. He passed away Sunday July 3, 2022.







Dave Felder aka songwriter/producer ReadyWrita is an American singer, songwriter & producer born and raised in Buffalo, NY.  Growing up in a very religious family, both of his grandfathers were preachers. Dave moved to Atlanta to pursue his music career and connected with Grammy award-winning producer, CedKeyz International (Gnarls Barkley, Chris Brown, Ciara) and recorded on projects with Anne Nesby, Creflo Dollar, Dale Bronner, the Motion Picture “Thy Will Be Done” and others. He wrote the chart topping single “More Than Enuff” for group Half Mile Home which peaked at #11 on the Billboard Gospel Airplay Charts,  “Thinking of Me” which peaked at #15 and the newly released single “This Far” has reached #19 thus far all on Gospel National Billboard Radio Charts, being a collaboration that he fully vocal produced and co-wrote.  Dave is the Creator of Audio Thumbprint Branding. This Unique Service provides brands an original sound that represents them to the masses.  As a Music mentor, Dave has Launched Ready Academy, which will be an interactive Web Series offering one-on-one music mentoring for musically creative people who are looking to position themselves for success in the music industry.  It will provide valuable information that he has acquired during his music career of 20 years and is highly recommended by industry pros who vouch for his consistency and longevity.  The Vault Music and Publishing LLC  is  focused on continuing to bring a high standard of musical excellence that’ll be here for many years to come, while helping others develop their gifts and to discover what they can become if they take the appropriate steps to take to reach their next level.

Dave’s sister Darcel Blue posted on her Facebook page:

“I didn’t want to write a post, because then it would be real. Sorry, but this is long. I will never be the same, but with the help of God….I am devastated, lost, numb. Worst pain I have ever experienced. All your plans, all the great things that were on the horizon. When we talked the other day, you were so excited. The Stellar Awards were this month, & you couldn’t stop talking about it…” what am I going to wear” you said. The excitement was so big. I told you “Bro, get used to it, this is where you belong” You were telling me how God was sustaining you through your DJ gigs, and how big that was getting in the ATL. Your group was getting ready to have an interview with Erica Campbell…y’all were performing at Taking it to the Streets next month, right here in Bflo. I was so happy that we were going to see you. I mean you were booked and busy!! All those plans, all that you have worked tirelessly to attain. You sacrificed so much to get there. Sometimes we didn’t understand the passion & got on you, to find some balance. You payed us no mind, & went even harder. Your gifts have advanced so many others careers, you worked with some of everybody & you had yet to shine the way you desired, but you fought like hell to secure your spot in the music industry. You’ve seen success, even charted on the Billboards, songs you wrote!!!! but what was coming was so big. We felt it, & knew it. I just can’t believe you won’t see it on earth. That hurts beyond words. I didn’t think I ever wanted to sing again after you left us Sunday. I felt like what was it all for, if you work that hard and never see it, but that was not what you would’ve wanted. We were going to do our own Be Be & Ce Ce type album.. Remember that? Dang, man. We were going to do that bro. But we will pick up where you left off, & trust God that it will accomplish what he wants & you desired in your heart, wherever it goes. The world will know Dave Felder . That is my mission right now. I need my producer friends to help me!! Dave helped so many of you. Plz help me get this accomplished. I need a minute though.
To all you who have called, texted, msg’d, prayed.. we feel that love!! Thank you. Many of you are hurting too. We are praying for you. Lastly pray for our sister in love Kimberly Felder , Dave’s 4 kids, our mom Valorie Gardner , dad Willie Felder Jr. Brothers M.J. Felder & Curtis N. Jr. Gardner , and our cousins who are like brothers Carlos V Spencer Julius ‘choSon’ Spencer Gee Phi Gee Warren DuBois Jr. James Spencer Jr. All our extended family. His band members from Half Mile Home, & best friend Adam Bonner & family. Arrangements will be shared shortly. We love you all!!”
Cousin Carlos Spencer added to his Facebook page:
:We were doing what we always do. Talking and creating. You said ‘man let’s go to the basement and record this’
And just like that we hit your studio and began to create (we came up with this song on the spot) and although I’m creative it was a bit difficult for me. You on the other hand recorded and created just like breathing… it was so natural and powerful to see a master in his element… my covenant brother we shared moments only you and I know about. From staying up all night in prayer without sleeping until the sun came up (multiple times). To climbing Stone Mountain and taking our shoes off and going into prayer on top of the mountain – to countless songs, plays, skits, poems and so much more. To say you’ll be missed is an understatement. We always said if we were not cousins we would have still been covenant brothers.
We even shared our own language ‘covenant’ ‘it’s going up’ ‘so be it’
We’d call each other when we needed someone else to agree with our crazy faith. We shared a place in the Spirit that others will never understand… prophetic dreams and prophecy’s we shared only with each other, crying on the phone, crying and warring together in prayer, singing crying and worshipping together… ‘Lord you promised if I keep my mind on you 🎶🎵🎶….
Singing together although I could never keep up…. Words are simply not enough. Covenant we had so much more to do together (I’ll miss the calls in the middle of the night sharing what God spoke to each other) …. My spirit is fractured – Dave Felder… RIH
This hurts …. I am not ok”




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